Empowering New Ways of Working

Empowering new ways of working at Telekom Austria Group
Empowering new ways of working at Telekom Austria Group

Our common purpose, strategy and culture follows our “Reason Why”: Empowering digital life. On the one hand, we are providing a state-of-the art network infrastructure, on the other hand we are enriching the digital experience of our customers and society. This is reflected in the way we operate within the Telekom Austria Group. Our Culture is driven by trust, teamwork and an agile way of working within an international background. 

Constant Learning
We bring learning back into the workplace, where it is delivered by colleagues, friends, peers, in teams, online and in real life. Employees shall be open to new ideas and think in new dimensions – including actively breaking old routines, showing entrepreneurship and taking personal responsibility for professional growth and career opportunities.

The Telekom Austria Group supports cross-divisional and cross-country collaboration and our employees are encouraged to work within international project groups across our company.

We believe in the power of teams and embrace our diversity for better results. The Telekom Austria Group applies the principle of gender equality, actively seeks to ensure equal opportunities and is committed to providing men and women with equal support in their professional development and enabling them to achieve a healthy life balance. Women currently make up around 39% of the total workforce. 36% of management positions are held by women and the Group made a voluntary commitment to increase this figure to 38% by the end of 2018.
Employee Experience
We want to experience work in a more connected and digital way in a working environment, where the daily life is smooth, effective and fun.

The commitment, enthusiasm and experiences of our employees serve our customers’ needs in the very best way and make them the best brand ambassadors for the company. The daily work in the Telekom Austria Group is shaped by our purpose and our Guiding Principles – this is how we are empowering digital life.

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