Materiality analysis & stakeholders

Stakeholder Groups
Stakeholder Groups
Constant exchange with the stakeholders is a fundamental element of the Telekom Austria Group's understanding of sustainability. Constant dialogue makes sure the Group is familiar with the needs and perspectives of various groups of stakeholders. Among others, stakeholders include employees, customers, suppliers, authorities, NGOs and players from different advocacy groups. Thus, they include all groups that may effect Telekom Austria Group’s activities. And vice versa.

Stakeholder discourse is not only important in terms of strategic development and the implementation of our sustainability activities. It also provides fresh impetus to put into practise new and innovative ideas.

Types of Involvement

Telekom Austria Group distinguishes between three levels of stakeholder-involvement: systematic information via various communication channels, active involvement in the form of talks and interviews as well as active participation in the framework of memberships and partnerships.

As early as during the development of its strategy, Telekom Austria Group involves its stakeholders in the framework of its materiality analysis. Through exchanging ideas with them, the Group identifies and prioritises topics and incorporates relevant aspects in its sustainability activities.




Telekom Austria Group pursues an open and transparent communication policy and informs its stakeholders in a systematic manner via various communication channels: from an internal News Channel to the sustainability report to its website.

Information Channels (Selection)
  • Website
  • Sustainability Report
  • Media relations work such as press conferences and journalist briefings
  • Local customer newsletters
  • Internal newsletters – Group-wide and local
  • Intranets with dedicated sustainability news channels – Group-wide and local
  • Social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook

Employees, customers, advocacy groups, suppliers and NGOs: Listening to, discussing with and actively involving stakeholders is important to Telekom Austria Group. Both when aligning its sustainability strategy and in the framework of dialogue on specialist issues.

Platforms for Stakeholder Involvement (Selection)
  • Events & Discussion Forums
  • Investor dialogue on sustainability issues
  • Stakeholder dialogue on electro-magnetic fields
  • Customer conferences
  • Investor roadshows
  • Internal CSR days
  • Idea platforms and competitions for employees
Jointly Shaping

Partnerships and  membership allow Telekom Austria Group to look beyond its own nose and share Best Practice. The Group therefore actively participates in many trans-national and local CSR platforms and initiatives.

Cooperations (Selection)
  •      Telekom Austria Group
    •    Next Generation Mobile Networks
    •    Alliance (since 2014)
    •    UN Global Compact (since 2012)
    •    ETNO (since 1996)
    •    “klimaaktiv mobil” project partner (since 2014)
    •    Austrian Cyber Security Forum
    •    Forum of Kuratorium Sicheres Österreich (since 2014)
    •    Code of Conduct on Data Centres
    •    Energy Efficiency (since 2009)
    •    Bulgarian Red Cross (since 2004)
    •    Bulgarian Charity Fund (since 2004)
    •    Forum EMS (since 2008)
    •    Green Network (since 2001)
         Vip mobile
    •    Responsible Business Forum (since 2008)

Sustainability Report

Concrete targets, measures and results.

Sustainability Report 2015/16


Petra Gallaun

Irene Jakobi

Head of CSR
Telekom Austria Group & A1