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Under participation of different interest groups, Telekom Austria Group has conducted a materiality analysis and thus jointly defined its CSR strategy’s focal points. For purposes of sustainable corporate development, the most significant topics were summed up into 4 action areas and supported by clear goals and specific key figures.

Networks & Customers

Providing Responsible ProductsNetwork & Customers

Telekom Austria Group’s high-performing and safe network infrastructure forms the backbone of the 21st century’s digital knowledge society on its seven markets. Visual, data-intensive content becomes ever more important in the use of the Internet. Business-related and private data communication, social networking, music streaming, entertainment and infotainment: All together, they yield a dynamically increasing demand for bandwidth. Telekom Austria Group meets this enormously increasing interest for bandwidth with a tailored portfolio of products and services. Absolute customer-focus as well as reliable services make the Group a responsible partner on its markets.

You can find details on the action area “Network & Customers" here.

Targets 2018
  • LTE coverage of 80 % within Telekom Austria Group
  • More than 70 % glass fibre coverage in Austria, at least at 30 Mbit/s
  • Identification and promotion of market-ready innovations, for instance via start-up initiatives

You can find details on goals achieved in 2015 in the Sustainability Report.


Selected measures and projects from the 2015 "Network & Customers" action area:

  • Start-up initiative: The smart parking start-up Parkbob is operating at the A1 Start Up Campus. Parkbob makes the use of parking spaces more efficient and ecological.
  • Digital communication: In 2015, Bulgarian subsidiary Mobiltel statute started a blog ( aimed at providing customers with all important company-related news as well as technical tips. In a mere two months, this blog recorded a whopping 81,000 clicks.
  • Customer service: As the first telecommunications provider in its country, Croatian subsidiary Vipnet has introduced a new payment platform known as mKovanice. Customers can use it to use manifold simplified services.

Ressourcen effizient und nachhaltig managenEnvironment

For Telekom Austria Group, the path towards a responsible development of its core business involves the continuous reduction of its ecological foot print. For this purpose, it sets itself guiding targets in the areas of resource conservation, energy efficiency, the increased use of renewable energy, emissions prevention and the promotion of climate-friendly mobility.

You can find details on action area “The Environment” here.

Target 2020, Targets 2018

Target 2020:

  • Reducting CO2 emissions by 25 %

Targets 2018:

  • Reducing power demand per terabyte of transfered data volume by 30 %
  • Reaching a constant recycling rate of 70 %
  • Reducing in-house paper consumption by 10 %

You can find details on goals achieved in 2015 in the Sustainability Report.


Selected measures and projects from the 2015 "The Environment" action area:

  • Solar power: To significantly reduce the diesel fuel consumption – and thus the CO2 emissions – of the last remaining aggregate of its type in Austria, the A1 mobile base stations on Carinthia‘s Nockalm in Austria was equipped with a solar power system in autumn 2015. 
  • Renewables: Both Bulgarian Mobiltel and Macedonian one.Vip are continuously converting their mobile communication base stations to solar power.
  • Resource preservation: In 2015, Bulgarian subsidiary Mobiltel has already increased the control temperature of 22 % of possible mast container sites to 29°C which equals annual savings of up to 1.8 GWh.

MitarbeiterInnen: Empowering PeopleEmployees

Telekom Austria Group clearly defines the ideal way of collaborating across the Group as project and team oriented, mobile, inter-disciplinary, international and based on the fundamental principle of diversity. Besides the targeted promotion of its employees’ potential and the advancement of innovation, sustainable steps in this direction are supposed to contribute to its appeal as an employer and a healthy, flexible and modern work environment.
You can find details on action area “Employees" here.

Targets 2018
  • 35% women in management positions within Telekom Austria Group
  • Panchoring of flexible work models in Telekom Austria Group
  • Implementation of health card in Telekom Austria Group

You can find details on goals archieved in 2015 in the Sustainability Report.


Selected measures and projects from 2015 action area:

  • Diversity: In the framework of A1’s women’s network Women Matter, events are held at regular intervals during which participants discuss topics relevant to women with renowned guests and engage in networking.
  • Work-Life Balance: Bulgarian subsidiary Mobiltel’s Mom and Dad club provides wide-ranging support with parental leave, parenting and education while it also offers an in-house kindergarten as well as holiday care.
  • Employees engaging in volunteering activities:  Vipnet has signed the Charter on Recognition of Competences Acquired Through Volunteering. Vipnet thereby declares to stand up for the appreciation of competences acquired in the course of volunteer work in everyday work life, further development and support measures.

Gesellschaft: Creating Equal OpportunitiesSociety

Access to digital media such as the Internet and know-how in using them pave the way towards the equality and depth of opportunities in the knowledge-based society. Providing wide-ranging broadband infrastructure, Telekom Austria Group guarantees technical access possibilities. Additionally, it uses targeted initiatives to promote the safe and competent use of media.

You can find details on action area “Society” here.

Targets 2018
  • 150,000 participating in media competence trainings
  • Implementation of social projects tailored local needs

You can find details on goals archieved in 2015 in the Sustainability Report.


Selected measures and projects from the 2015 "Society" action area:

  • Austria-wide Media Literacy Initiative: Using free media competence trainings, more than 93,000 participants could be reached in the course of some 6,800 workshops in 5 years. The family guide on Safe and Easy Surfing was developed and published by the Austrian subsidiary A1. It provides helpful information and tips on safety, focussing on topics such as social networks, cyberbullying, Internet pornography as well as computer and online games. 
  • Digital equality of opportunities: In 2015, the Bulgarian subsidiary Mobiltel scored a new record number of participants in its Internet for All trainings. Some 1,100 children and adolescents were trained on the safe use of the Internet in the course of two large-scale events.
  • Social Partnerships: Serbian subsidiary Vip mobile's project Super Bus is devoted to the integration of children with social or health-related disadvantages. In 2015, the Super Bus visited more than 15 spots in the entire Republic of Serbia, staging learning and therapy workshops tailored to the respective target group and thus reaching some 2,000 children.
  • Local Partnerships: In 2015, velcom initiated a partnership with the National History Museum of Belarus called Museum for Kids. It focusses on imparting and preserving Belarus' cultural heritage. To appeal to the young generations, velcom technically equipped the showrooms.

Sustainability Report

Concrete targets, measures and results.

Sustainability Report 2015/16


Petra Gallaun

Irene Jakobi

Head of CSR
Telekom Austria Group & A1